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well i got til monday to leave my home i couldnt come up with the rent money and truck payment i guess they will come get my truck now if any one know how i can get 200.00 please tell me i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 in response to john8076...   Hi,..Everyone !..I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed holiday. Now is the time to look to the future, it's a new year. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW !!! If its a new job or just a new outlook on life. You CAN re-invent yourself!! I have lots of resources and websites for job listings, Resume writing, even spirtual counseling, Let me know if I can help you Start your New LIFE in anyway ! GodBless and HAPPY NEW YEAR !
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 in response to LookOnTheBrightSide...   are you there ?
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hello how are you ?

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 in response to louise221...   

I agree. I can't count how many times I cried to sleep asking what I did so wrong to deserve what I was getting... but now...

I have bore the thorns. I seek out and speak out - people who are victim to someone they trusted, or to their spouse or partner, who feel there is no way out, like I once felt.

I will find them and give them guidance and help. Just knowing someone has been thru it is often enough, followed up with support, acceptance and encouragement. No, it's NOT their fault. I do understand.

People keep telling me that I'm doing God's work. I don't know about that, but it's pretty cool bringing smiles and getting hugs.

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 in response to jemsa...   If your school loans are what your referring to, you can apply for a deferrment which will allow you up to 5 yrs before you have to begin repaying and it also stops the interest here is the website for it then just click on apply for a deferrment; I hope this helps.
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Wing &A Prayer

Amen To That! We are not put on this earth to judge. It is Gods will that we all be Kind and Giving to others in their time of need!

                      Wing & A Prayer

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These are two of my kids who are in need of help for christmas. I currently lost my job in may due to a medical problem that i will have for life. My children are my life and i applyed for ssi and i have to wait 5 months to 2 years for a desision on if i am accepted or not. My children never ask for anything but for us to stay together.My kids still beleave in santa and i dont want my kids to wake up and see nothing under the tree and for them to think they did some thing wrong.I am a mother who try to do the best thing for here children. I am not use to asking for help for my children, but some time we have to swallow are pride and do it for are kids. I need help

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Staying in a shelter where you have almost no bills, lots of friends and a support system can be a good thing...

Most shelters are faith based so be prepared to be faithful to stay there.

There is a shelter in Winslow that has a room for families and you can stay up to a year, if you work I think it is 100 a month.

There are lots of shelters and instead of being afraid of them check them out!!!

Consider it a vacation

It is nice to have a place to relax

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I am in need of some help, please read my page:

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 in response to mom_of_2_boys...   

If you put prayer in your daily life'JESUS has a blessing for


He may not come when you want him he's allways on time.

I hope this bring a little sunshine in your life.

Be thankful and blessed. 

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You are to blessed to be stressed.

Just remember that JESUS is blessing you right now and each day that

you wake up that's a new day.

a new day i'm free there know more change holding you down just keep

prayer in your heart. 

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struggling MS patient

I have MS and I am on fixed income, my mortgage payment is 448.00 a month, my electric bill this month was 200.00 I am in desparate need of help with this, I'm becoming stressed out, and worried about everything, and it's not good for me or my health, my car is messed up in need of fixing, and will cost me 495.00 to fix, so I'm trying to save for that,  I just don't know anymore can anyone help me?

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I am in despertate need of a loan of 1,413. I am behind in back rent. If I don't pay this back by May 23, I will be served an eviction notice. I am a single mom of one son. We used to live here with my mom who passed away a year ago. I have been struggling ever since.  I will pay this loan back at a rate of 100 dollars a month till I pay it off. I don't know if any one can help me but  don't know where else to turn.  I don't want to have to tell my son that we are about to be homeless. We lost enough this year with the lost of my mother and his grandmother. I have tried in vain to get a second job this year hoping to make ends meet to no avail. If anyone can help me I will be enternally grateful for any assistance possible.

Bernadette O'Hanlon

41-41 41st. Street

Sunnyside, New York 11104

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Hello. My husband and I are trying to move our family out of a bad neighborhood. We live in an area full of drug dealers and violence. Our children cannot play outside. We are desperately trying to move but everytime we try something goes wrong at the last minute. Please help us to buy a home in an area where our children can play outside. Thank you and God Bless You.

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Need Help there is a family with four kids they were renting and the landlord went into foreclosure they need a place to live they must be out by sept 15 family is only able to help for a short time they live in chicago if there is anyone with a rental would be great they also have to dogs kids are heart broken Please help any ideas .contact my email either chicago suburbs if possible again thanks

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Have you thought about selling some of the items in your storage to cover this?

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HELP ME NOT LOSE MY THINGS IN STORAGE!!! PLEASE, I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I am at the present umemployed. I need help so I won't lose my things, furnitures, clothes, family treasures, coats, shoes, tv, stereo, cd's, crystals, china, books, etc. Some of the furniture I had just bought. I lost my job. I took a penney enny job to substain me but it did more damage than good. Why? because this job had no benefits and I end of having damages to my body. Now, I am in therapy without an income. If this storage is not taken out by the 20th of August, I will lose everything. If I get it out by the end of this month I can pay $440 if I get it all out the same day. Otherwise, I will have to pay @ $770. Please help me, I have worked to hard for what I have. And some things I can't replace for my children sake. Please help me!!!!! I don't like having to ask but this is where I stand!

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hi i'm a single girl of 27year old and i need financial aid .i'm curently renting a house but the landlord hasen't been paying the mortgage so the house is up for repocession and i'm looking for somewhere else to dad passed away last year in paris and i had to borrow some money for his funeral expenses and had to pay for my studies at the time.i'm now finding it very difficult to consolidate my debt as the individual is putting pressure on me for the repayement of the rest of the money and i can't get a loan from the bank as i'm not a homeowner .so can somebody please lend me £6000 with repayements from 3 month even with interest.i do have a full time employement. thank you very much and God bless u

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My name is Renee' I am a 41 year old widow. I am in despertate need of financial help. Grant or loan it doesn't matter. I had back surgery a couple of years ago for ruptured discs and a pinched/crushed spinal cord, I was left with complications..i.e, crushed nerves,loss of feeling in legs and hands, spineosis, radiculopathy, drop foot, osteoarthritis/degenerative disc diesease and fibromyalgia. I am in constant chronic pain and I am not able to work a normal job. I am working with the state to set up a small business that will support me and I am waiting for my disability to be approved, but this all takes a long time. The problem is that I am 5 months behind on my rent and won't have any state help for rent for at least another 10 months. I will be evicted from my home on June 10th 2007 if I can not pay up the back rent which is a total of $1,883. If any person or persons could help me with this I would be eternally grateful. If I can make it thru the next 6 mo. I will be on my way to getting back on my feet and finding a way to control my pain and get back into the work force, but I won't be able to do this if I don't have a house/home to live in. I have no family anymore (they have all passed away) this is why I am turning to strangers for help. Please anybody...I have nowhere to go and I am scared to death.

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